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Table 3 The rating scale

From: Finding toxicological information: An approach for occupational health professionals

User needs Rating scale Score
Chemical name, CAS, synonyms, trade names etc. advanced search + CAS and names have own fields or a drag-down menu or a list to choose a name from 3
  advanced search, a search field plus another field for names or a drag down menu or a list to choose a name from 2
  simple search, one field for all searching 1
Health hazards (carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, endocrine modification, irritation etc.) detailed description and analysis 2
  very short description (fairly narrow, summarizing and involving the key points) 1
Exposure routes yes, routes mentioned 1
  not at all mentioned 0
Methods for measuring exposure yes 1
  not found 0
Exposure limits such as TLVs or OELs mentioned yes 1
  not found 0
Preventive measures yes 1
  not found 0
Quality of contents Rating scale Score
Topics covered wider topic selection 2
  specialization, one topic such as pesticides or cancer 1
Level of information analysed information: Pragmatic scientific or technical reporting: Scientific proofs of evidence, a growing body of sources used to prove toxicity and to assess the risks of the chemicals to human health. Includes necessary details and subject areas as well as examples of risk assessments 3
  analysed information: same as above, but does not include risk assessments 2
  general: unambiguous, definitive and easily interpreted. Extrapolate scientific findings or expert opinions to the wider public in an easy to understand form 1
Number of chemicals 10 000 to 100 000 chemicals 3
  1000 to 9 999 chemicals 2
  less than 999 chemicals 1
Peer reviewers' names, and/or the publisher's response to the peer reviewers' report(s) available. evaluation of information by a scientific committee or special peer reviewers 1
  no information on peer review 0
Reputation of publisher of the database regulator, policy maker, national or international organization 2
  university or other parties 1
Up-to-date information on update 1
  no information on update 0
Usability Rating scale Score
Ease of use usable at one glance 2
  takes time, use requires help texts 1
  the database is arduous, one use cycle not enough 0
Help available information on both contents and the use of the database 2
  information either on contents or how to use the database 1
  no information on contents or how to use the database 0
Language contents also in other languages 1
  English only 0