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Figure 1

From: Lung responses to secondary endotoxin challenge in rats exposed to pig barn air

Figure 1

Histopathology of lung sections. Histopathological changes in the lungs of rats exposed either to ambient (control) or swine barn air with or without E. coli LPS challenge were evaluated using hematoxylin and eosin stained sections. Control rat lung tissues showed no inflammation and normal architecture of the organ (A) while rats challenged with E. coli LPS (B), one day barn exposed rats without E. coli LPS (C) and with E. coli LPS (D), five day barn exposed rats with or without E. coli LPS (E and F respectively) showed peribronchiolar (arrows and inset, B) and septal neutophilic infiltration (arrows and inset, C), perivascular infiltration of leukocytes (arrowheads and insets, C-E), and peribronchiolar accumulation of leukocytes (arrowhead and inset, F). Original magnification A-B: ×400, C-F: ×100 and micrometer bar = 50 μm.

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