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Figure 5

From: Lung responses to secondary endotoxin challenge in rats exposed to pig barn air

Figure 5

TNF-α expression and quantification in the lung. Immunohistochemical expression of TNF-α was detected using anti-TNF-α antibody in the lung sections from controls (A-B), one day (C-D) exposed rats without and with E. coli LPS challenge respectively, five day exposed rats without E. coli LPS challenge (E) and with E. coli LPS challenge (picture not shown). TNF-α expression in the airway epithelium (arrows, A-E) is shown. F. Quantification of TNF-α protein using ELISA showed no significant difference among any of the groups (Figure 5, P > 0.05). Original magnification A-F: ×400 and micrometer bar = 50 μm.

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