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Figure 1

From: The role of interleukin-12 in the heavy metal-elicited immunomodulation: relevance of various evaluation methods

Figure 1

Levels of IL-12p70 released by human PBMC exposed to Cd acetate for 24 hr. Human PBMC were stimulated either by mAb (anti-CD3/-CD28/-CD40) (A) or heat-killed Salmonella enterica (hkSE) (B). Data represent the values of 14 and 10 samples. For each donor, the mean values of 3 replicates were used to estimate the percentage relative to control cells (assigned to 100%). The horizontal lines represent the medians. Symbols above each plot show whether, cytokine release was significantly stimulated (#) or suppressed (*) compared to controls (Wilcoxon's Rank Sum test for paired samples; p < 0.05).

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