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Table 2 Estimated mean values of relations involving social/family life, adjusted for age, gender, and civil status.

From: Shiftwork in the Norwegian petroleum industry: overcoming difficulties with family and social life – a cross sectional study

   Shiftwork gives problems with social life Shiftwork gives problems with domestic/family life Enough time with partner Enough time with close family Enough time with friends and social relations Enough time with your children Enough time for yourself
Shift schedule Offshore, day work 2.38ab 2.27ab 4.15ab 4.03ab 3.77ab 4.24a 4.21ab
  Offshore, one day period, one night period 2.75ac 2.62ac 4.00ac 3.78acd 3.51acd 4.11bc 3.97acd
  Other arrangements offshore 2.40cd 2.34c 4.18d 4.05ce 3.84ce 4.32bd 4.25ce
  Onshore 2.71bd 2.54b 3.63bcd 3.44bde 3.15bde 3.77acd 3.77bde
  1. Note: Values with similar letters are significantly different at the .05 level (Bonferroni test). High values indicate that the respondent agrees with the relation being measured.