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Table 3 Rules for classifying KNR workers by process and number of men by process in Pedersen et al. (1973) [1] and Magnus et al. (1982) [2]

From: New views on the hypothesis of respiratory cancer risk from soluble nickel exposure; and reconsideration of this risk's historical sources in nickel refineries

  # of men  
Categories of work Pedersen (1973) Magnus (1982) Rules allocating workers to processes
Roasting- smelting (R/S) 462 528 1) Cases and expected values (PYRs) for each process worker were classified to one of three processes (i.e. R/S, E or O) where he spent the longest time.
Electrolysis (E) 609 685  
Other specified processes (O) 299 356 2) If he only spent some time in process work, but most of his time in non-process work (e.g. labourers, plumbers, fitters, foremen, technicians, etc.), then his experience was classified to the process (i.e. R/S, E or O).
Other and unspecified work (U) 546 678 3) If he worked in unspecified process work only, then his experience was allocated to that process (i.e. U).
Total 1,916 2,247