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Table 1 Results of thoracoscopy in all patients (n = 26)

From: Narrow band imaging (NBI) during medical thoracoscopy: first impressions

Pat. Gender Age Macroscopical findings Histological diagnosis
1 female 81 chronic inflammation, pleural thickening (visceral and parietal) chronic pleuritis (underlying disease: chronic renal failure)
2 male 74 multiple polyps (parietal) small cell lung cancer
3 male 69 small nodes (parietal), adhesions squamous-cell lung cancer
4 female 62 Adhesions, small nodes (parietal) malignant mesothelioma
5 female 58 small confluent nodes (parietal) breast cancer
6 male 59 pleural thickening (parietal) lung cancer (adenocarcinoma)
7 female 81 large nodes (parietal and visceral), adhesions malignant mesothelioma
8 male 47 large nodes (parietal), adhesions malignant mesothelioma
9 female 65 small confluent nodes (parietal) breast cancer
10 female 63 solitary node/polyp (parietal) ovarian cancer
11 female 68 acute inflammation, adhesions, lymphangiectasis breast cancer
12 male 64 small confluent nodes, polyps (parietal) malignant mesothelioma
13 male 85 large nodes, polyps (parietal and visceral) malignant mesothelioma
14 male 82 pleural plaques (parietal), adhesions squamous-cell lung cancer
15 male 64 pleural plaques (parietal), small confluent nodes malignant mesothelioma
16 female 88 multiple large nodes (parietal and visceral) lung cancer (adenocarcinoma)
17 female 37 acute inflammation, adhesions, pleural thickening tuberculous pleurisy
18 female 46 no abnormalities inflammatory changes (underlying diease: squamous-cell lung cancer, effusion e vacuo)
19 female 63 subacute inflammation, pleural thickening malignant mesothelioma
20 female 63 large nodes, polyps (parietal and visceral) lung cancer (adenocarcinoma)
21 female 82 large confluent nodes, polyps (parietal and visceral) malignant mesothelioma
22 male 64 multiple small nodes, polyps (parietal and visceral) malignant mesothelioma
23 male 72 pleural thickening, solitary polyps squamous-cell lung cancer
24 male 66 pleural thickening, adhesions small cell lung cancer
25 female 80 large solitary nodes (parietal) breast cancer
26 female 67 large solitary nodes (parietal) and chronic inflammatory changes lung cancer (adenocarcinoma)