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Table 1 Research of Contacts in ministries, authorities, agencies

From: Social care and changes in occupational accidents and diseases - the situation in Eastern Europe in general and for skin diseases in particular

Country Researched Ministeries/Institutions/Authorities Contacts Responses
Higher order ILO - Unit Health Care
European Association for Communication in Health Care
Center of European Policy Studies
WHO - Health Information Unit
International Commission of Occupational Health
15 5
Albania Ministry of Health
Albanian Epidemiological Association
State Labour Inspectorate
Social Insurance Institute
4 1
Belarus Ministry of Health
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Statistics
3 0
Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministry of Health Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Rep. Srpska
Society of Social Medicine
Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Office of Statistics
5 0
Bulgaria Bulgarian Public Health Association
National Centre of Public Health Protection
National Expert Medical Commission
Clinic for Occupational Diseases
Association "Workplace Health and Safety Promotion"
National Center of Health Informatics
NCO Bulgaria National Center of Hygiene, Medical Ecology
National Health Insurance Fund
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy-General
Labour Inspectorate
Ministry of Health
12 3
Croatia Ministry of Health
State Secretary for Health
State Secretary for Social Welfare
Croatian Society on Occupational Health
Croatian National Institute of Public Health
Croatian Public Health Association
State Inspectorate - Labour Inspection
Central Bureau of Statistics
8 1
Cyprus Ministry of Health
Cyprus Institute for the Environment and Public Health
Cyprus Safety and Health Agency
Department of Labour Inspection
4 0
Czech Republic Ministry of Health
Institute of Health Policy and Economics
National Institute for Public Health
Department of Occupational disease
Czech Society of Public Health/Health Services
WSO International Office for Czech Republic
Occupational Safety Research Institute
State Labour Inspection Office
Dept. of Occupational Medicine
11 2
Estonia National Institute for Health Development
Health Protection Inspectorat
Estonia Health Insurance Fund
Ministry of Social Affairs - Health Care Department
6 1
Greece Ministry of Health and Welfare
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety
ILO Member: Dr. Theodore Bazas
National Satistic Service
6 1
Hungary Ministry of Health
European Hospital and Healthcare Federation
National Institute of Occupational Health
Federation of Hungarian Medical Societies
Association of Hungarian Medical Societies (MOTESZ)
Public Foundation for Research for Occupational Safety
National Institute for Strategic Health Research
National Health Insurance Fund Administration
Department of Labour Protection
Hungarian Statistical Office
National Center for Public Health
12 2
Latvia Latvian Public Health Association
Health Insurance State Agency
Health Statistics and Medical technologies State Agency
Public Health Agency
Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health
Ministry of Welfare
7 3
Lithuania Ministry of Health
Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
Kaunas University of Medicine
3 0
Macedonia Ministry of Health
National Public Health Institute
Macedonian Medical Association
Macedonian Occupational Safety Association
Ministry of Labour and Social policy
State Labour Inspection
State Statistical Office
7 2
Moldavia Ministry of Healthcare 1 0
Montenegro Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare
Statistical Office of Montenegro
3 0
Poland Ministry of Health
Institute of Public Health
National Health Fund
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine
National Labour Inspectorate
Institute of Occupational Health
WSO International Office for Poland
9 2
Romania National Research Institute for Labour Protection
Romanian Public Health/Health Management Association
ROMTENS Foundation
Institute of Public Health Iasi
Institute of Public Health Bukarest
Romanian Labour Inspectorate
9 3
Serbia Ministry of Health
Institute of Occupational Health
Serbian Association of Public Health
Labour Inspection
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy
Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Institute of Public Health of Serbia
8 3
Slovakia National Labour Inspectorate
Slovak Public Health Association SAVEZ
WSO International Office for Slovakia
The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
10 3
Slovenia Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Ministry of Labour/Inspection Division
Department for Health and Safety at Work
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia
Slovenian Preventive Medicine Society
The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
International Commission on Occupational Health
Clinical Institute of Occupational Medicine
10 5
Turkey Ministry of Health
Turkish Public Health Association
Dokuz Eylùl University
4 0
Ukraine Ministry of Health
Ministry of Public Health
Center of Medical Statistics
Institute of Occupational Health
4 2
Total 128 165 39