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Table 1 Occupational health legislation and practices in the EU MS.

From: Occupational health legislation and practices related to seafarers on passenger ships focused on communicable diseases: results from a European cross-sectional study (EU SHIPSAN PROJECT)

Subject area Yes/Total Percent
Specific National Legislation or regulation or guideline for Occupational Health of seafarers except for EU or International Maritime Organisation or of the International Labour Organisation? 11/21 52.4%
Additional Institutions next to the national public health institutions where Communicable diseases of seafarers are reported 4/21 19%
Collection and analysis of surveillance of communicable disease data related to seafarers 3/21 14.2%
Specific national legislation or regulation or guideline for vaccination of Seaferers 3/21 14.2%
Additional National Recommendations for vaccinations of seafarers except those required by the IHR? 5/21 24%
  Are Medical certificates obligatory in order for seafarers to travel? 20/21 95.2%
Medical Certificates: Medical Examinations Required History of communicable diseases plus clinical examinations 17/21 81%
   Vision function tests 20/21 95.2%
   Hearing function tests 20/21 95.2%
   Dental Check 13/21 61.9%
   Blood Tests 12/21 57.1%
   X-Rays 14/21 66.7%
   Tuberculin tests 5/21 23.8%
   Other 11/21 52.4%
Do the medical certificates have time frame duration? 21/21 100%
In your opinion are there any gaps in occupational health services focused in communicable diseases related to maritime occupation 7/21 33.3%