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Table 1 Tasks performed by educators by category

From: Educators' working conditions in a day care centre on ownership of a non-profit organization

Category Description of activity
Documentation and administrative tasks Writing observation forms, documentation assessment for schools, keep a diary of the progress of the children
Child care Change nappies, help children to change clothes
Meals Providing of food, feeding of smaller children
Afternoon nap Supervision of the afternoon nap
Contact to parents Welcoming, parents' evenings
Educational work Singing, sportive activities, preparation und conducting of small experiments
Cleaning Cleansing of rooms and toys, plants and animal husbandry
Continuing education/Supervision Attendance at continuing education, supervision of work
Individual contact Settle a dispute, console a child, welcoming of a child, individual support
Walking Walking around between tasks (e.g. inside and outside of the day care centre, excursion)
Rest period: Break Time of recovery (e.g. lunch)
Playing Playing with children, surveillance of playing children
Internal Communication/meetings Conversation with other educators or other staff, telephone calls