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Figure 5

From: Engineered nanomaterials: exposures, hazards, and risk prevention

Figure 5

The mechanisms of ENM association with fiber materials. Each panel shows particles carried by airstreams, indicated by the bands with right pointing arrows. Some particles are retained by the fiber. Those that are not continue on the airstream past the fiber. The upper panel shows a large particle that is unable to follow the airstream around the fiber and collides with the fiber due to inertial impaction. The particle trapped by interception comes close enough to the fiber (within the particle radius) that it is captured by the fiber. Electrostatic attraction is discussed in the text VI, C, 1. Respirators. Small particles collide with each other, gas molecules, and other suspended matter in the air stream, resulting in Brownian motion and a random zigzagging path of movement, which may cause the particle to hit the fiber, as shown in the diffusion panel.

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