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Table 2 SCUBA diving-related occupational health issues in marine and freshwater research

From: Occupational health issues in marine and freshwater research

Title of article Yeara Authors
Analyses of variables underlying US Navy diving accidents 1985 Blood & Hoiberg [70]
Neurological long term consequences of deep diving 1991 Todnem et al. [71]
Carbon monoxide poisoning in a diver 1992 Allen [72]
Diving and hyperbaric ophthalmology 1995 Butler [73]
Diving and marine medicine review part II: diving diseases 1999 Spira [64]
Patterns of drowning in Australia, 1992-1997 1999 Mackie [74]
Lung function over the first 3 years of a professional diving career 2000 Skogstad et al. [75]
The "bends" and neurogenic bladder dysfunction 2001 Elliott et al. [76]
Neurologic complications of scuba diving 2001 Newton [67]
Diving medicine: contemporary topics and their controversies 2001 Strauss & Borer [77]
Arterial gas embolism and decompression sickness 2002 Neuman [78]
Decompression illness in divers: A review of the literature 2002 Barratt et al. [79]
Incidence and risk factors for symptoms of decompression sickness among male and female dive masters and instructors--a retrospective cohort study 2003 Hagberg & Őrnhagen [68]
British Thoracic Society guidelines on respiratory aspects of fitness for diving 2003 Godden et al. [80]
Differential diagnostic problems of decompression sickness--examples from specialist physicians' practices in diving medicine 2003 Petri & Andrić [81]
Diving medicine 2006 Benton & Glover [82]
Risk factors for dysbaric osteonecrosis 2006 Miyanashi et al. [83]
Risk factors for dive injury: a survey study 2007 Beckett & Kordick [69]
Pressure related incidence rates in scientific diving 2007 Dardeau & McDonald [1]
Dysbaric osteonecrosis in experienced dive masters and instructors 2007 Cimsit et al. [84]
Reduced health-related quality of life in former North Sea divers is associated with decompression sickness 2007 Irgens et al. [85]
Health status of professional divers and offshore oil industry workers 2007 Ross et al. [86]
The nontechnical causes of diving accidents: Can U.S. Navy divers learn from other industries? 2007 O'Connor [87]
Neurologic injuries from scuba diving 2008 Hawes & Massey [62]
Annual Diving Report: 2008 Edition 2008 DAN [66]
Dysbaric osteonecrosis screening in Turkish Navy divers 2008 Uzun et al. [88]
Physical training of combat diving candidates: implications for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries 2008 Pelham et al. [89]
Western Australian recreational scuba diving fatalities, 1992 to 2005 2009 Buzzacott et al. [63]
Scuba-diving related deaths in Okinawa, Japan, from 1982 to 2007 2009 Ihama et al. [65]
Diving medicine: a review of current evidence 2009 Lynch & Bove [90]
  1. a Year of publication