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Table 3 Toxin and carcinogen-related occupational health issues in marine and freshwater research

From: Occupational health issues in marine and freshwater research

Title of Article Year a Authors
Toxic marine and freshwater algae: an occupational hazard? 1991 Baxter [4]
Marine toxins 2000 Whittle & Gallacher [91]
Marine swimming-related illness: implications for monitoring and environmental policy 2001 Henrickson et al. [93]
Cancer incidence among marine engineers, a population-based study (Iceland) 2003 Rafnsson & Sulem [94]
Cancer risk to naval divers questioned 2003 Amitai et al. [95]
Listing occupational carcinogens 2004 Siemiatycki et al. [96]
Factors influencing organotin distribution in different marine environmental compartments, and their potential health risk 2006 Lee et al. [92]
Oceans and human health: Emerging public health risks in the marine environment 2006 Fleming et al. [6]
A survey of diving behaviour and accidental water ingestion among Dutch occupational and sport divers to assess the risk of infection with waterborne pathogenic microorganisms 2006 Schijven & de Roda Husmen [5]
Cancer risks in naval divers with multiple exposures to carcinogens 2009 Richter et al. [3]
  1. a Year of publication