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Table 1 Overview -- Bicycle helmet use and non-use

From: Bicycle helmet use and non-use – recently published research

Category Study focus [citation]
1. medical findings mandibular condylar fractures [1]
  dentoalveolar traumata [2]
  also see region specific analyses [3]:
characteristics and outcome of bicycle injuries in paediatric patients
2. passive transportation on bicycles dummy study on infants in bicycle-mounted child seats [4]
3. co-factors model analyses of crashes at intersection and non-intersection locations [5]
  depressional symptoms and health-related risk-taking behaviours during adolescence [6]
  alcohol use in correlation with head injury and helmet use [7]
4. educational efforts and prevention depiction of injury-prevention practices in children’s movies [8]
  effectiveness of a bicycle software program [9]
  attitude of neurosurgeons concerning helmet use [10]
  prediction of helmet use among undergraduates by helmet attitudes scale and health belief model [11]
5. special terrain mountain bike terrain park injuries [12]
6. region specific analyses Germany [13]
  Canada [1417]
  Spain [18]
  USA [19, 20]
  Hungary [3]
  China [21]
7. meta-analyses re-analyzed meta-analysis data from 2001 of Attewell, Glase and McFadden [22]