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Table 1 iCept-questionnaire for medical students

From: Perception of stress-related working conditions in hospitals (iCept-study): acomparison between physicians and medical students

Item code Item
HS4 The physician can determine the sequence of his worksteps.
HS5 The physician has much influence as to which task isallocated to him.
HS6 The physician is free to plan and classify his taskindependently.
SR1 The physician can rely on his colleagues when work becomesdifficult.
SR2 The physician can rely on his immediate superior when workbecomes difficult.
SR3 The team spirit is good in the department.
ZU2 The physician can talk to other colleagues during work aboutofficial and personal matters.
ZU3 The physician always gets a feedback from superiors andcolleagues on the quality of his work.
QL1 The work involves things that are too complicated
QL2 The demands made on the physicians’ concentration aretoo high.
QN1 The physician is often under time pressure
QN2 The physician has too much work
SK1 At the physicians’ workplace, there is a strongcompetition.
SK2 The social climate at the physicians’ workplace isburdensome.
ERI2 The physician has many interruptions and disturbances whileperforming his job.
ERI5 The physicians’ job is physically demanding.
ERI7 The physician receives the respect he deserves from hissuperiors.
ERI8 The physician receives the respect he deserves from hiscolleagues.
ERI10 The physician is treated unfairly at work.
JS1 Generally speaking, the physician is very satisfied with hisjob.
  Sociodemographic data
EM1 Gender
EM2 Age
EM3 Specialty
EM4 State
EM5 Semester