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Table 3 Participants with newly diagnosed lung cancer during the examination period: comparison of sputum cytology with the results of low-dose spiral computed tomography (LDSCT) of the thorax for the whole cohort (n = 187)

From: Is it useful to combine sputum cytology and low-dose spiral computed tomography for early detection of lung cancer in formerly asbestos-exposed power industry workers?

  Lung cancer No lung cancera Totalb
Sputum cytology    
Suspicious or pathologicalc 7 3 10
Regular or equivocald 5 172 177
Suspicious 11 6 17
Regular 1 169 170
Cytology and LDSCT    
At least one positive 12 8e 20
Both negative 0 167 167
  1. aIncluding six lung cancer patients falling ill outside the examination period.
  2. bThe totals of test results in each group add up to n = 187.
  3. cIn at least one sputum sample.
  4. dIn all samples tested.
  5. eIn one participant, both results were positive.