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Table 1 Agents reported to cause contact dermatitis in rubber product workers according to the CDC & NIOSH 1993 report (Table adapted from Reference 4)

From: The rubber manufacturing industry: a case report and review of cutaneous exposure and sequelae

Chemical CAS Number Process Product
2-(2′-4′ dinitrophenylthio) benzothiazole 17586–89–9 All areas Tires
4,4′-dithiodimorpholine, 1 % 103–34–4 Not specified Tires
n-isopropyl-n- phenylparaphenylenediamine (IPPD) 101–72–4 Assembly, maintenance, compounding Tires
n-dimethyl-1,3 butyl-n- phenylparaphenylenediamine 793–24–8 Assembly, maintenance, compounding Tires
para-phenylenediamine compounds 106–50–3 Handling of uncured rubber Tires, footwear
ethylene thiourea (ETU) 96–45–7 Sewing Non-tire
resorcinol 108–46–3 Not specified Tires