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Table 5 The top ten ranking of cited articles from the Arab world associated with solid waste in Scopus [3847]

From: The Arab world’s contribution to solid waste literature: a bibliometric analysis

SCR Authors-Year Title Source title Cited by
1st Banat et al. 2003 [38] Evaluation of the use of raw and activated date pits as potential adsorbents for dye containing waters Process Biochemistry 165
2nd Bouallagui et al. 2005 [39] Bioreactor performance in anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable wastes Process Biochemistry 124
3rd Hassen et al. 2001 [40] Microbial characterization during composting of municipal solid waste Bioresource Technology 101
4th Amin 2009 [41] Removal of direct blue-106 dye from aqueous solution using new activated carbons developed from pomegranate peel: Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics Journal of Hazardous Materials 99
5th Amir et al. 2005 [42] Sequential extraction of heavy metals during composting of sewage sludge Chemosphere 97
6th Hameed and El-Khaiary 2008 [43] Batch removal of malachite green from aqueous solutions by adsorption on oil palm trunk fibre: Equilibrium isotherms and kinetic studies Journal of Hazardous Materials 82
7th Khaled et al. 2009 [44] Removal of Direct N Blue-106 from artificial textile dye effluent using activated carbon from orange peel: Adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies Journal of Hazardous Materials 79
8th El-Fadel et al. 2002 [45] Temporal variation of leachate quality from pre-sorted and baled municipal solid waste with high organic and moisture content Waste Management 72
9th Bouallagui et al. 2004 [46] Two-phases anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable wastes: bioreactors performance Biochemical Engineering Journal 60
10th Marafi and Stanislaus 2003 [47] Options and processes for spent catalyst handling and utilization Journal of Hazardous Materials 59
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