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Table 2 Results of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test BeLPT and MELISA®

From: Identification of metal sensitization in sarcoid-like metal-exposed patients by the MELISA® lymphocyte proliferation test — a pilot study

Pt. Diagnosis Metals tested by SEM Metals tested by MELISA® MeLPT BeLPT Exposure route
1 SA; NCG (+) Fe, Ti, Al, Si Al, Si, Ti (-) Be(-) Military industry
2 SA; NCG (+) Si, Cr, Ni, Fe Cr, Fe, Ni, Si, Ti, Be Ti(+) Be(-) Metalworks
3 SA; NCG (+) Si, Cr, Ni, Fe, Mo Cr, Au, Hg, Pa, Ti, Ni, Mo Ti(+) Pa(+) Be(-) Jewelry industry
4 SA; NCG (+) Au, Zn, Si, Al, Al, Au, Hg, Pa, Si, Ti, Zn, Be Hg(+) Be(-) Aviation industry
5 SA; NCG (−) Al, Ag, Cu Ag, Cu, Al (-) Be(-) Welding
6 SA; NCG (+) Al, Si, Fe, Zn Hg, Ni, Si, Ti, Zn, Pb, Ti Ti(+) Pb(+) Be(-) Welding
7 SA; NCG (+) Al, Si Fe Al, Au, Fe, Si, Ti, Be Ti(+) Be(+) Be(-) Military industry
8 CBD NCG (+) (−) Fe, Ni, Ti, Be (-) Be(+) Dental technician
9 CBD NCG (+) Al, Si Cr, Fe, Ni Al, Cr, Fe, Ni, Si, Be Si(+)Fe (+)Cr(+) Ni(+) Be(+) Be(+) Dental technician
10 SA; NCG (+) Si, Cr, Co, Fe, Ti, Ni, W, Mn Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Ni, Si, Ti, (-) Be(-) Dental technician
11 SA; NCG (+) Fe, Cr, Ni, Si Cr, Hg, Fe, Ni, Si, Ag, Sn Si(+)Cr(+) Ni(+) Be(-) Teacher
12 SA; NCG (+) Si, Au, Cr, Fe Au, Hg, Ni, Pa, Pl, Si Ni(+) ND Silicone implants
13 SA; NCG (+) Si Au, Ni, Pa, Pl, Si Ni(+) ND Silicone implants
  1. Pt patient #, SA sarcoidosis, NCG non-caseating granulomas, ND not done, Al aluminum, Cu copper, Si silica, Fe iron, Ti titanium, Cr chrome, Ni nickel, Au gold, Mo molybdenum, Zn zinc, Hg mercury, Mn manganese, Co cobalt, Pb lead, W tungsten, Pa palladium