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Table 1 Factual classification of smoking habits in Wynder and Graham, 1950, [22] and fictional misclassification

From: Can yesterday’s smoking research inform today’s shiftwork research? Epistemological consequences for exposures and doses due to circadian disruption at and off work

Factual Wynder & Graham 1950 Fictional smoking distribution
Individual Cigarettesa Classification Cigarettesa Mis-classification
  Cumulative   At work Off work  
A <1 Nonsmoker <1
B 1–9 Light smoker 0 1–9 Nonsmoker
C 10–15 Moderately heavy smoker 5 10 Light smoker
D 16–20 Heavy smoker 0 16–20 Nonsmoker
E 21–34 Excessive smoker 5 16–29 Light smoker
F ≥35 Chain smoker 10 ≥25 Moderately heavy smoker
  1. Note that the fictional smoking distribution does not represent any descriptive statistics regarding smoking at or off work in 1950
  2. aper day for more than 20 years