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Table 2 Articles reporting work-related outcomes

From: Work-related outcomes in randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trials in osteoarthritis – are they adequately reported in journal publications? A systematic review

Reference Work-related outcomes reported
Hand osteoarthritis
 Pastinen 1988 [17] Resumption of work mentioned following treatment of hand OA
Hip osteoarthritis
 Lequesne 2002 [18] Number of days on sick leave
 Smugar 2006 [19] Decreased work performance
Knee osteoarthritis
 Arjmandi 2004 [23] Limitation of work due to pain; improvement of work performance and productivity
 Chappell 2009 [24] Pain interference with normal work
 Chappell 2011 [25] Pain interference with normal work
 Essex 2012 [20] Pain interference and work limitation
 Golden 2004 [26] Impact of intervention on work
 Hochberg 2011 [21] Pain interference with normal work
 Schein 2008 [22] Degree of pain interference with work; improvement in work limitation; difficulty in performing work
 Schiff 2004 [15] Improvement in quality of life with regards to work
 Wang 2012 [16] Effect of knee OA on work
  1. All but the final two table entries (Schiff 2004 [15] and Wang 2012 [16]) were included in our systematic review