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Table 4 Candidate Physical Ability Test Pass/Fail Scores and Times at Baseline and Posttest

From: Examining a novel firefighter exercise training program on simulated fire ground test performance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and strength: a pilot investigation

Participant Baseline Posttest
Pass/Fail Time Pass/Fail Time
CG-1 P 8:57 P 8:21
CG-2 P 8:13 P 7:46
CG-3 P 9:39 P 8:31
CG-4 F 2:15a F 2:15a
CG-6 F 21:58 F 21:58
TF20–1 P 10:04 P 9:07
TF20–2 F 11:54 F 2:34a
TF20–3 P 8:36 P 8:19
TF20–4 F 11:01 P 9:33
TF20–5 P 9:20
TF20–6 P 7:36
TF20–7 F 12:32 P 10:20
  1. P Pass (i.e., completed in 10:20 or less), F Fail, indicates the participant did not complete this measure. aParticipant chose not to complete the entire CPAT course after failing on the first event