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Table 4 The performance of the top 10 most productive institutions in aflatoxin research

From: Global scientific trends on aflatoxin research during 1998–2017: a bibliometric and visualized study

RankingaInstitute, countryNumber of publications (%)
1stUSDA Agricultural Research Service, Washington DC, USA508 (5.16)
2ndUnited States Department of Agriculture, USA404 (4.10)
3rdUSDA ARS Southern Regional Research Center, USA278 (2.82)
4thNorth Carolina State University, USA144 (1.46)
5thUniversidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Argentina134 (1.36)
6thUniversidade de Sao Paulo – USP, Brazil126 (1.28)
6thTexas A and M University, USA126 (1.28)
8thChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China114 (1.16)
9thNational Research Centre, Egypt110 (1.12)
10thJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA107 (1.09)
  1. aEqual institutes have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers
  2. standardised