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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: “I need to take care of myself”: a qualitative study on coping strategies, support and health promotion for social workers serving refugees and homeless individuals

Age (years)
  ≤ 30623.1
  > 50830.8
 Mean (range): 42 years (26–64 years)
Professional qualification
 Social worker, social education worker (bachelor, diploma)1661.5
 Educator, remedial therapist311.5
 Educationalist (diploma)13.8
Area of work
 Homeless aid1453.8
 Refugee aid1246.2
Type of facility
 Walk-in counselling centre726.9
 Day care centre, outreach social work415.4
 Initial registration centre311.5
Professional experience in social work (years)
  ≤ 31557.7
  > 10519.2
 Mean (range): 7 years (8 months–37.5 years)
Working time
 Full-time (≥36 h)2076.9
 Part-time (< 36 h)623.1