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Table 2 Examples of occupations with high/low values of interpersonal conflict

From: Are social conflicts at work associated with depressive symptomatology? Results from the population-based LIFE-Adult-Study

Job variableHighest valuesLowest values
Dealing with angry peoplePolicemen, educators, teachers, cashiers, nursesIT-engineers, research fellows, manufacturing, architects, office/administrative staff, cosmeticians/hairdressers
Dealing with physically aggressive peoplePolicemen, tram/public transport drivers, (geriatric) nurses, teachersEngineers, IT-sector, carpenters, architects
Frequency of conflict situation(Geriatric) nurses, educators, teachers, lawyers, sales representativesLab assistants, kitchen aids, carpenters, office/administrative staff, commercial employees
  1. Examples of jobs with lowest/highest values of interpersonal conflict on the job (2nd / 5th quintile, respectively, due to exclusion of lowest quintile)