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Table 3 TCE concentrations near a hardware electroplating factory in Shenzhen

From: Serum levels of miR-21-5p and miR-339-5p associate with occupational trichloroethylene hypersensitivity syndrome

Sample type Sources Concentrations
Air (mg/m3)
  Rooftop exhaust one 0.059
  Rooftop exhaust two 0.057
  In the workshop 2.710
  Workshop door 0.354
  Warehouse door 0.393
  Sewage pool 0.713
  Road one outside of factory 0.075
  Road two outside of factory 0.083
Water (μg/L)
  Sewage outlet 8.409
  River near the sewage outlet 3.909
Soil (μg/kg)
  Flower bed on the window of workshop 0.244
  Flower bed three meters outside the workshop door 0.325
  1. “workshop” refer to the workshop where TCE was used