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Table 1 Child care staff’s answers on pre-defined causes of problem questions

From: Presentation of a participatory approach to develop preventive measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in child care

Topic Answers on problem questions Percentage
Risk of infection At my current workplace, physical distance to other people (at least 1.5 m) cannot be maintained. 83%
At work, other people I have to deal with do not comply with the safety regulations. 30%
I have no access to professional personal protective equipment. 10%
I feel poorly informed about how to protect myself from an infection in the workplace. 3%
Fear of infection I am afraid of infecting others with the coronavirus. 37%
I am afraid of getting infected with the coronavirus at work. 36%
I am afraid of a serious course of illness. 35%
I am afraid of the possible consequences of an infection (e.g. quarantine, economic consequences). 30%
I belong to a risk group (e.g. due to a previous illness, age over 60). 16%
Support of employer At my current workplace, not all necessary materials for personal protection against the coronavirus are sufficiently available for me. 11%
The work processes were not adapted to the current safety regulations. 9%
No or too little extraordinary information was provided to the child care staff. 4%
Working from home was not made possible for the child care staff to reduce contact. 1%
  1. Note. Participants could choose multiple pre-defined answers on problem questions