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Table 2 Child care staff’s recommendation on preventive measures to minimize COVID-19 transmission in the workplace

From: Presentation of a participatory approach to develop preventive measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in child care

Preventive measures on different levels
Structural conditions of child care
▪ Increase of number of child care staff in kindergartens (e.g. increased staff-children ratio)
▪ Reduction of the duration of child care (e.g. reduction of hours) during the pandemic
▪ Reduction of group sizes (children) during the pandemic
▪ Paid absence of high-risk group
Interaction with parents
▪ Provision of multilingual and easily comprehensible information material
▪ Maintenance of the restriction on entering the facility
▪ Increased control of private behavior of parents as well as the children (reduction of private meetings, which make separated group settings superfluous)
▪ Review the need for child care if parents have the possibility to stay at home
Implementation of preventive measures
▪ Provide sufficient protective equipment promptly
▪ Highlight the sense of purpose of individual protective measures
▪ Reduction of individual decision-making in the implementation of protective measures
▪ Better coordination of time scheduling for the implementation of measures
▪ Participatory involvement of representatives of care institutions in the development of protective measures
▪ Consideration of the spatial conditions of the facilities when planning mitigating measures
▪ Targeted control of the facilities with regard to compliance with novel hygiene standards and preventive measures
Requested support at the political level
▪ Strengthening the public perception and appreciation of the shift in behavior
▪ Transparent provision of information about the possible occurrence of infections in the facilities
▪ Introduction of compulsory testing for personnel and children in the facilities (during working hours)
  1. Note. Questions were originally presented in German. The table presents a translation of the original text