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Table 5 Overview - Existence of lists of occupational diseases

From: Social care and changes in occupational accidents and diseases - the situation in Eastern Europe in general and for skin diseases in particular

Country List of occupational diseases System Number of occupational diseases
Albania yes closed list  
Belarus n.s. n.s. n.s.
Bosnia-Herzegovina yes closed list n.s.
Bulgaria yes mixed system 30 groups
Croatia yes closed list n.s.
Cyprus yes closed list n.s.
Czech Rep. yes mixed system n.s.
Estonia yes mixed system n.s.
Greece yes closed list 52
Hungary yes closed list 35
Latvia yes mixed system 7 main groups
with 37 subgroups
Lithuania yes n.s. n.s.
Macedonia yes closed list n.s.
Rep. Moldavia no n.s. n.s.
Montenegro no n.s. n.s.
Poland yes closed list n.s.
Romania yes n.s. 73
Serbia yes closed list n.s.
Slovakia yes closed list 47
Slovenia yes n.s. n.s.
Turkey yes mixed system n.s.
Ukraine n.s. n.s. n.s.
  1. n.s. not specified