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Table 2 Treatment of H2S gas poisoning

From: Japanese experience of hydrogen sulfide: the suicide craze in 2008

Amyl nitrite #. If spontaneous breathing remains, encourage amyl nitrite
inhalation from the nasal airway tract.
  #. Until sodium nitrite is ready, repeat inhalation every 2 to 3 min.
Sodium nitrite #. Dissolve 0.6 g sodium nitrite to 20 ml of distilled water for injection to make a 3% solution.
  #. Intravenously administer 10 ml (for child, 0.12-0.33 ml/kg) of the 3% sodium nitrite solution over 20 min or longer.
  #. Sodium nitrite is not on the market as a medicine, therefore, it requires preparation in each hospital using reagent sodium nitrite.
  #. Sodium thiosulfate is not efficacious, though it is used to treat cyanogen poisoning. (sodium thiosulfate does not have any negative effect for treatment of H2S poisoning.)