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Figure 1

From: Maize pollen is an important allergen in occupationally exposed workers

Figure 1

Determination of IgE reactivity of workers exposed to maize pollen extract (A) and timothy grass pollen extract (B) by means of Western blotting. M, molecular weight marker. P, protein staining of the pollen extracts with India ink (molecular weight is given according to the marker proteins), a-d, identification of allergens by use of antibodies raised in timothy grass pollen (a, rabbit anti Phl p 2/3; b, anti Phl p 13 (moab AF6); c, anti Phl p 5 (moab Bo1); d, anti Phl p 1 (moab IG12)); N1, N2, sera of healthy individuals; G1, G2, sera of grass pollen-allergic patients; 1-8, sera of the 8 workers exposed to maize pollen.

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