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Table 3 Sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratio and predictive value of the Nurse-WIS for long-term sick leave1 during follow-up

From: Nurse-work instability and incidence of sick leave – results of a prospective study of nurses aged over 40

  % (n)
High risk according to Nurse-WIS 39.4 (628)
Long-term sick leave1 10.9 (173)
Sensitivity 64.1
Positive likelihood ratio2 1.75
Specificity 63.4
Negative likelihood ratio2 0.57
Positive predictive value (PPV) 17.0
Negative predictive value (NPV) 93.8
  1. 1Long-term sick leave > 42 days due to musculoskeletal diseases and/or psychological impairment (e.g. burn-out)
  2. 2No unit