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Table 5 Study topics and related practical implications

From: “I need to take care of myself”: a qualitative study on coping strategies, support and health promotion for social workers serving refugees and homeless individuals

TopicAimExamples for practical implications
CopingEmpowering social workers to expand effective coping strategiesOrganised courses and workshops to acquire relevant skills and learn about ways of coping with stress in a resilient manner
Sources of supportIncreasing support sources for social workers within the institutionsEasy and low-threshold access to qualified supervision; regular team meetings with case consulting, opportunities for networking, exchange and cooperation with counselling services
Health promotion measuresImplementing structural and behavioural measures to foster social workers’ healthStructural measures: e.g. to improve the work organisation (reliable work hours, manageable workload) and environment (more rooms for rest and recovery).
Behavioural measures: e.g. training courses on work- and health-related topics (exercise, relaxation, de-escalation)